Sunday, April 5, 2009

Some Correspondence

Since I'd covered most of the feline news of the past couple of months, earlier this week, I thought I'd use this weekend to share briefly some of the stuff that has come my way recently via email. So here it goes..

First - I received this book recently to review, 'The Ultimate Cat Lover' by Dr Marty Becker. Coauthors include Gina Spadafori, Carol Kline and Mikkel Becker. Now, when it comes to animal books, I usually prefer the ones relating to their lives and stories in the wild. However, this work by Dr Becker and co. has so many interesting anecdotes and information relating to domestic cats that it had me captivated. The book has a diverse collection of fascinating stories that the authors have come across in their careers as animal lovers and healthcare providers. Alongside the stories are many excellent pictures of house cats with well suited captions. Then there are also a number of informative articles towards the end of the book that are quite useful for anybody who shares their life with a cat. So all in all, quite a good read. Enjoyable. And if you are the 'ultimate cat lover' it's definitely a book worth having in your collection. Here is its page on Amazon.

Now to some other recent stuff from the inbox. The producers of CATS 101 on Animal Planet are looking to feature the breed of cats known as Selkirk Rex in one of the upcoming programs. They are looking for some pet with a wonderful story that highlights the special bond between members of this breed and people. So if anybody knows of someone who might have a Selkirk Rex that could be a good candidate for this show, just leave a comment here or send me an email and I'll forward the relevant info.

The people at the 'Puppy Place' recently launched a cookbook to help support their efforts for the blind. The Puppy Place is a volunteer organization dedicated to promoting Seeing Eye and Guide Dog programs and schools throughout United States. So if you want to help these guys in their noble efforts, you can do so by buying this cookbook, or by donating directly to their cause. Here is their website and blog.

And here is another charitable organization that helps partner the disabled with dogs that can assist them in their daily lives. If you want to help them in their good work, you can go here.

In Kashmir, India, veterinarians have stumbled across a 'lynx-like' cat that they believe is not local to that region. I, however, felt that it was a Jungle Cat native to that place, and indicated so upon query. If interested, you can look at the pictures of the 'mystery' feline here.

There is a fun-themed pet contest going on at Anamigo with some really cool prizes. It's one of the largest contests of its kind currently underway in the US, reachable here.

To look at a great collection of cat-related videos go here.

I hope I didn't miss anybody. In case you are wondering by the way, I wasn't compensated for any of this! Hope you all have a great week. See you next Sunday :)


Duni said...

I have got to check out that book! Yes, I'm an 'ultimate cat lover' :)
Here in Germany there's a huge a campaign to save the European wildcats. Lovely creatures, but their natural habitat is becoming smaller. So sad.
Have a great week,


Thomma Lyn said...

What a fun collection of links! The Ultimate Cat Lover sounds like a book well-worth checking out, and so fascinating about the 'mystery' lynx-like cat!

I hope things are going well for you, and the Ballicai send kittyhugs, purrs, and headbonks!

Mickey's Musings said...

I love your posts that have so many fascinating tidbits of information in them :)
It is good that you are keeping up this blog. It's nice to stay connected
Hope things are going well for you :)

BeadedTail said...

That book sounds very interesting - I'll have to check it out! And I'll also check out those charities - thanks for the info!

Liz said...

Hi Omer,

Thanks so much for your love and caring over our Emerald going missing. She has returned safe and sound after six long days looking very very skinny and very hungry. We think she was stuck up a tree. She sends you purrs and hugs.

I've just been reading the Vet Forum post and comments on the Swamp Lynx. I think it is one as well. Beautiful cat. Also you will find the report on the death of Long Tail the Snow Leopard on the Snow Leopard Trusts blog here is the link

I think once I've finished drawing my clouded leopard I'll have to draw a Swamp Lynx I've fallen in love..

Love purrs and hugs

Dana Fredsti said...

I want the Ultimate Cat Lover! What a great blog! I'm so glad you stopped by mine so I could find your site!

I've never been compensated for my work with animals...unless you count the unique experiences and unmitigated love. Oops! Guess I've been paid!

PurrPrints said...

I'm impressed that you had so many doctors (on the lynx article) agreeing with your assessment - go you with your powers of discernment! :)

Pets Man said...

Great blog, have been an avid reader for the last few days - keep up the good posts

Anita said...

Your blog is very interesting!

Thank you so much for your visit!

MaoMao said...

You always have such innaresting linkies and infurmashun in yur posts! We Ballicai hope efurrything's goin good with you and we're sendin lots of head bonks!

Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!

Christine and FAZ said...

We hope you have a great weekend too and thanks for the update and sharing everything that's happening in the cat world.

The Cat Realm said...

A very happy Easter to you!
The Cat Realm

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