Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Wordless (almost) Wednesday - The Talla Des Maneater

I've posted this one before but there's something special about this picture. Maybe it's the terrifying maneater that has finally been accounted for - or the little boy who's smiling since he could walk through the forests without the constant fear that had enveloped people of those parts for years. In any case, here is the Talla Des Maneating Tigress, shot in India in April 1929 by Jim Corbett, after a career spanning eight years and one hundred and fifty human kills to her credit..

Talla Des Maneater
I'm thinking of chronicling the notable maneating big cats in history. There is so little about them avialable on the web, I feel it will be a good idea to put their accounts online - their depredations and the people who braved them.


Karen Jo said...

The picture is touching. I feel sad that some of the tigers turn to man-eating and get hunted down. I think it would be interesting to read of the famous man-eaters, though.

Maureen Hayes said...

What a moving picture. This isn't one you can look at easily, but it makes you think. I like your idea, go with it!


Sandee said...

That was so very long ago, but with the picture it could have been yesterday. It is touching indeed. Man-eating cats aren't a good thing for us humans. Have a great day. :)

Unknown said...

That makes me so sad. Wow.

Liz said...

It was a typical photo of the times I saw a and old photo of a tiger hunt in India and the man on the elephant was killed later by the very tiger he was hunting. Sad when an animal has to turn to preying on humans instead of natural means. I remember the Tsavo Lions and their reign of terror on the railway workers. I think Nat geo had an old photo of them in one of their issues. Great post. Go with it on the idea I agree with Maureen on that one.
Take care

Shila said...

In all the maneaters killed by Jim, he has very clearly explained the cause which made it a maneater. But no such info is mentioned on the maneaters of Tsavo in the narrative by Col. Peterson. Did you find any info on the net?

Anonymous said...

Maneaters become that way to stay alive after an injury. Only man kills for sport. They needed to be stopped but trophy hunting big cats is disgusting and immoral. We are killing them at a far greater rate than they ever killed us.

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