Monday, November 24, 2008

Straying Leopards

Two separate incidents in which the spotted cats have 'strayed', but fortunately survived...

In the first case an eight month old leopard cub wandered into human habitation in Assam, India. Confused and probably scared, the cub sought refuge by entering a house. Fortunately the owner of the house contacted the authorities who tranquilized the leopard and later released it into a neighboring forest area. More here.

In the second instance a leopard, hunting a cat, fell into a well in the area of Gir Forest in India. Even though the small cat succumbed, the big cat was rescued after a daring and strenuous two hour operation by forest officials. The leopard was later moved to the local veterinary health facility for treatment. More here.

Two lucky escapes for leopards in India. It is also incredible that no humans were injured in either incident!


Sandee said...

Sometimes the news is good. I'm glad to read such a positive post. Have a great day. :)

Liz said...

At least like Sandee said the news is all good. Great to read the two leopards are still alive and able to help keep their wonderful kind alive.

Purrs & Hugs Liz

Jade said...

Fantastic! It's always encouraging to hear successful animal rescues.

Michelle said...

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Edward said...

amazing story about two lucky escapes for leopards. Lucky that nobody get hurts by them. Hope they can find their way to home.

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