Monday, October 13, 2008

Tiger shot in the Sunderbans after twenty years

Though tigers are reportedly poached in the mangrove delta of Sunderban in eastern India every now and then, this is the first time an official acknowledgement has been made in nearly two decades. And strangely it seems that the killers were not even poachers looking for tiger skin or parts. For the tiger was found floating in water some days ago with none of its claws, bones or teeth missing. Shot twice through the head with a locally made weapon and left afloat the waters of Sunderban - a sad fate for the lord of the jungle.

It appears that the killers were deer poachers who were perhaps surprised by the tiger. A very sad thing in any case and it is hoped that the perpetrators are soon brought to justice. Man-animal conflict is nothing new in the delta. Every year a number of honey collectors and fishermen lose their lives to the tiger when they stray illegally into the designated core area of the forest. Changing water levels and inreasing human intrusion into the buffer zones means that contact between people and the big cats will continue to occur unless some short and long term conservation measures are soon undertaken. More here:


Sandee said...

Maybe the tigers didn't read the rules about being in the illegal areas. Okay, I found that kind of humorous. Not the fact that the tiger was killed of course. Have a great day. :)

Cat with a Garden said...

I finally came by to thank you for welcoming me and thinking I'm puretty. ;) There's loads of information here and I'm still a bit slow in reading (only 6 months), but I will come back for sure.

Anonymous said...

Poaching is sad, for any reason, but somehow knowing it was killed and NOTHING was used from it makes it even worse.

BeadedTail said...

That is so awful to hear. What a total shame.

Mickey's Musings said...

Sad :( So sad:(
Purrs Mickey

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