Thursday, October 9, 2008

Snow Leopard Facts

Snow LeopardHere are thirteen facts about Snow Leopards:

1. Panthera Uncia, Snow Leopards reside in mountain ranges across Central and South Asia.

2. They are unique for their habitat, lifestyle and the inability to roar - a fact that precludes their inclusion into great cats.

3. Living at altitudes above four to five thousand metres, in harsh climates and over treacherous terrains, Snow Leopards are amongst the most specialized of all land predators.

4. To adapt to their extreme environment, the Snow Leopards have evolved into possessing a thick coat, to protect them against cold, and large furry paws that enable them to tread comfortably over snow.

5. They also have a large thick tail that provides a balancing role in quick movements over uncertain hilly ground, and may be curled up against the face in cold weather.

6. Like all leopards, Snow Leopards are extremely strong and agile. They are capable of preying upon animals three times their own size.

7. The prey species normally taken down by the leopards include wild sheep and goats.

8. Snow Leopards can leap farther than any other cat, reaching distances of well over forty feet in a single bound.

9. The inaccessibility of their geographic range means that limited research has been done over these reclusive and solitary felines in nature, and they have seldom been captured on film in the wild.

10. Fortunately their remote location has also enabled the cats to return from near extinction in recent times and evade poachers who treasure the leopards' beautiful fur coat.

11. Still the Snow Leopards are currently classified as endangered and are protected today by law and various conservation organizations in many parts of their range.

12. The threats facing these majestic cats today include poaching, conflicts with man and loss of habitat and prey.

13. Despite the many adversities, the beautiful Snow Leopard is still hanging on, but only just!


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Anonymous said...

that a funny helped me in my science project aswell ...............................they r awesome .........buetiful aswell

Anonymous said...

why would anyone want to hurt these beautiful creatures?

Anonymous said...

snow leopards ARE great cats

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

#love snow leopards

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