Sunday, October 5, 2008

Have a Happy Weekend...

...and if you wanna do some work ~ you can track the movements of the Kilimanjaro lion Ndelie through this map:

Just click the play button in the right sidebar of the page and you'll get an idea of the movement patterns of a random male lion - how it covers vast distances over time..

I've read that tigers, particularly the maneating ones, follow a specific circular parameter as their path across the jungle - over which they move constantly, taking prey at regular intervals in their journey. This ensures that a) they never stay in the same place for too long to avoid persecution by man and b) they never exhaust the prey base completely in one area. Lions being social and different cats by nature may have an alternative movement pattern. But it certainly seems that this male's movements are concentrated in a particular region in the bottom left of the map. Maybe it has to do with the location of the pride and the fact that they made a large kill like a buffalo in that place - or it maybe that he is patrolling the region regularly for some reason. Interesting study in any case...


Nimit DJ said...


I'm a GIS person, & thus quite interested if the same could be done in case of Asiatic Lions?!!!

I can help whatever needed from my side, all my time, brain; would like to meet people who did this possible.

It's incredible!!!

Ailurophile said...

@ nimit dj: I think yes it could be done for the Asiatic Lions - and come to think of it - it would be quite useful for the Gir Lions who are increasingly straying out of the reserve and coming into conflict with humans.

Seamus at the Kilimanjaro Lion Conservation Project is probably tracking this lion and could help you out as regards the details for this particular method of collaring and tracking lions. Here is his blog:

Best of luck and do keep us updated of any progress :)

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