Monday, September 8, 2008

Poachers going after Leopards now..

I was over at the Tiger News blog today when I came across the news that with heightened vigilance on tiger conservation in India, it appears that poachers have decided to go after leopards now. Over a hundred of the beautiful spotted cats have already been lost this year, for use of their pelts, and bones in traditional Chinese medicines. It appears that there a number of organized groups of poachers, particularly in northern India who are taking a heavy toll on the panther population.

Leopards normally fare well than lions and tigers when it comes to surviving in adverse habitats and pressures from humans, owing to their better adaptibility and secretive lifestyle. The fact that hunters are now actively pursuing and killing these gorgeous felines for their body parts is very troubling indeed. More here:


PurrPrints said...

That's very sad news--is there aany kind of political action we citizens could take to help?

p.s. i've created a new cat-blog-specific blog award just so I'd have something to give to you and some of my other fave cat blogs--you can see it on my most recent blog post.

Mickey's Musings said...

Sometimes I really dislike people!!!!
We need to start respecting all animals worldwide!!!

Lux said...

This is not very good news. :(

monkeybunkey said...

This is super duper sad. It goes right along with the sad story i watched on Living Wild (Big Cat Crisis)! People are mean!!

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