Monday, August 4, 2008

You can Still Contribute

I think it was a little while ago when I first highlighted the plight of Maasai Lions in the Amboseli region of Southern Kenya. You can read that post to get the background on this issue here. Basically what is going on is that lions are disappearing at an alarming rate in that part of Africa owing to conflicts with humans. At this critical juncture National Geographic has stepped in to save the big cats from almost certain extinction over there and has pledged to raise a fund of US  $ 150,000 to help save those lions. The money is to be used to compensate the natives for the losses of their cattle in order that they may not eliminate the lions in retaliation. It will also be used to develop the local infrastructure and educate and equip the local Maasai herdsmen to track and avoid the lions.

It's a very noble cause and I would again like to thank the people who've donated and displayed the little graphic on their blogs that links to the Nat Geo Maasailand Lions Emergency Fund page. I got my acknowledgement certificate in mail today and am quite glad to have played a minor part in this great venture by Nat Geo.

It also had an accompanying leaflet with a brief yet important message (click on the image to enlarge).

So I thought before moving on to another set of lions, that are in grave danger of extinction as well (more on that in the coming days), I'd highlight the issue of Maasai Lions once again so that anybody who missed out the first time can play his/her part in saving the magnificent lions of Kenya. National Geographic is even setting up a 'Friends of the Maasai Lions' online recognition wall that will list all the contributors to honor their support in this worthy cause (if you prefer to donate anonymously you can do that as well). So if you want to take a part in this great cause click on the link below to go to the Nat Geo website. Thanks.


Brainball said...

Thank you for pointing our attention to this very important cause! The lions simply must be protected and conserved. Our world would be much less without them.

Thank you for celebrating my Gotcha Day with me! Thanks to wonderful friends like you, it was my best Gotcha Day yet.

Love and rumbly purrs from Brainball.

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