Sunday, August 17, 2008

Updated Images

Finally done updating all the wild cat images - it was somewhat hectic - though I couldn't help but marvel along the way at some of the fantastic images Bill Dow has taken of rescued wild cats at Shambala - you can see more of his work here. I would again like to thank him and everybody at Roar foundation for agreeing to allow this site to exclusively reproduce these photos of their beautiful felines. Shambala Preserve is an animal sanctuary in Acton, California that takes care of abandoned and rescued wild cats by providing them with a life of love and caring. You can reach their website here.

Rest of the pictures I've taken from Wikipedia, that are either in public domain or reusable with attribution. There are still some wild cats whose pictures I couldn't find anywhere. Perhaps I'll be able to get them by contacting certain specific people working locally with those animals.

I'm in contact with a photographer for domestic cat breeds and hopefully will be able to add images to domestic cat breeds as well in the coming weeks as she provides me with photos. Rest is all fine. I've come up with some fascinating new ideas for this blog, that hopefully I'll be able to implement at some time in the near future - meanwhile - I'll be back with a regular post tomorrow :)


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