Wednesday, July 9, 2008


Sphynx is one of the most distinct and beautiful cat breeds. It is unique for its appearance which comprises of a supple and hairless body. The singular appearance is owing to a mutated gene that renders the Sphynx into its individual morphological form. It is quite a rare mutation and has been seen for the last few decades in Europe and North America. However, the first known breeding program initiated in Canada in the mid nineteen sixties after a hairless kitten was born in a litter of regular domestic cats. Its remarkable appearance was noted and presence of hairless cats in subsequent litters led to the development of the breed in earnest. For its country of modern origin, the felid is also known as Canadian Hairless. Today Sphynx cats are universally recognized and greatly admired by cat fanciers.

A well built cat, Sphynx possesses a strong musculoskeletal framework. Body is long and so is the head, with large ears. Tail and legs are also long and slender. There are very small short hair present on the surface in the form of the down coat. They yield a leathery texture to the Sphynx's skin. Whiskers are often completely absent though. Skin is seen in all sorts of colors and patterns, the colors and markings being the same of their furs - were they to exist. Wrinkles are often present and serve to insulate the cat from outside temperatures.

Owing to lack of hair, Sphynxes are prone to hot and cold weathers and should be best kept indoors. In winter they are often seen snoozing under bed sheets and lying next to humans and each other to keep warm. Their skin feels warm to touch and is often oily since the hair that absorb skin's natural oil production are absent in Sphynx. Thus it is appropriate to periodically bathe and groom these cats. Despite popular belief they are not hypoallergenic cats.

In many parts of the world, Sphynx are outcrossed with Devon Rex cats even as experts discourage this practice these days owing to risk of acquiring some hereditary illnesses from the Devon gene pool. Generally though these are very healthy and robust cats who love to play and enjoy themselves. Intelligent and friendly, these cute cats are great fun to be around. They have a well rounded personality and make great companions for a variety of pet owners. Sensitive and innocent, Sphynx are a rare and highly prized breed and are greatly loved by their fortunate owners.


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Gerry said...

I find their walk so elegant, intelligent and friendly.

Anonymous said...

Hmm are they deadly?

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