Saturday, July 5, 2008


LaPerm is a domestic cat breed with a very soft curly fur. It is one of the Rex cats and made unique by its interesting coat. LaPerms originated in early nineteen eighties when a very distinct looking kitten was born in a litter of barn cats in Oregon, United States. The baby was bald at birth and began to grow a wavy fur within the first few weeks of her life. Over the following years the cat gave birth to several curly haired kittens on the farm and it was not until some time later that the true uniqueness of the pretty cats was realized and breeding started in earnest. The cat was received quite well by cat fanciers owing to its particularly beautiful appearance and affectionate nature, receiving widespread recognition to date. It has also been exported to various European countries.

LaPerm is described as having a foreign body type. It is elegant and finely built. Both long and shorthair versions exist. Longhaired cats have a bushy tail while the shorthaired ones sport a tail that resembles the bottlebrush flowers. Head is triangular with big expressive eyes and widely spaced ears. Neck often has a prominent ruff. Legs are elongated. The pretty coat is accepted in all colors and patterns, with tabbies and torties being amongst the commonest variants seen.

The striking fur of LaPerms is in form of ringlets with a soft and springy character. There are few guard hair and an established undercoat is lacking. Kittens often shed hair after birth and regain it as they age, the fur changing constantly during the first few months. It is the result of a mutant gene that is dominant in nature. The wavy hair can vary in terms of their length and curvature, with each individual cat displaying a slightly different fur type.

LaPerms are known for their friendly and adoring nature. They are gentle cats who usually shower their humans with lots of affection during their lifetime. Quite and patient, LaPerms are not overly demanding and usually express themselves in a very soft voice. They are athletic and known to be very good hunters. Intelligent and curious animals, they adapt and maintain an active lifestyle from a young age. LaPerms are established as being one of the most people oriented cats who actively seek out and enjoy human company. For their loving nature and calm personality, they are much loved by their proud owners.


Jerrie Wolfe said...

You have some misinformation posted above.

This is incorrect, "shorthaired ones sport a tail that resembles the bottlebrush flowers."
The hair on a shorthaired LaPerm looks very similar to a straight haired cat, but may have waves and ripples.

This is incorrect, "Head is triangular with big expressive eyes and widely spaced ears."
The head is a modified wedge, eyes are almost almond shaped and the ears are a continuation of the modified wedge head.

This is incorrect: "There are few guard hair and an established undercoat is lacking."
The LaPerms has all three layers of coat, guard hairs, awn and undercoat.

Please visit my web site for more information and a lot of photographs.

Jerrie Wolfe
TICA LaPerm Breed Chair
V.P. LaPerm Fanciers International
Arohanui LaPerms

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