Thursday, July 31, 2008

Jaguar Facts

JaguarHere are some Jaguar facts as part of this week's Thursday Thirteen...

1. Jaguar is the third largest wild cat and the biggest of the New World felines.

2. Jaguar resides almost exclusively in South America where it is the apex predator ahead of the Cougar.

3. Panthera Onca, Jaguar has held many names and titles through history and is revered in native cultures, with recorded references existing in remains of Mayan and Aztec civilizations.

4. Jaguar resembles the Leopard in its outward appearance even though it is more muscular and has shorter limbs. Even as both the big cats are spotted, rosettes in the Jaguar's case are bigger and thicker with small central spots.

5. As in the case of the Leopard, melanism also occurs in Jaguars, though the affected individuals are not entirely black and a close inspection reveals the distinct coat pattern. As with Leopards, the melanistic animals are called Black Panthers.

6. Habitat of the Jaguar comprises largely of dense, tropical rainforests and the great cat has thus evolved into a sturdy and compactly build stalk and ambush predator.

7. Ecosystem of the Jaguar is in fact quite similar to that of the Tiger in many parts of its range and like the bigger cat, the Jaguar too has developed a fondness for aqua, actively pursuing and hunting animals in water.

8. Another attribute that the feline shares with its striped cousin of the Panthera genus is tremendous strength. Jaguars are considered by some to be the strongest of all cats, pound for pound. They have been recorded lifting and carrying carcasses weighing as much as eight hundred pounds.

9. Jaguars have the strongest jaws amongst cats, second strongest in all land mammals. They can bite through the shell of turtles.

10. The great strength in canines and jaw muscles has enabled the Jaguar to adapt a unique killing technique. It invariably kills a number of animals in its menu by biting through their skull. The crushing bite pierces through the temporal bones and finishes off the prey instantly!

11. Versatile predators, Jaguars take down a variety of animals ranging from frogs, mice, birds, fish and deer to caiman and tapir. They play an integral role in maintaining balance and harmony in their ecosystem.

12. Jaguars are also skilled climbers. The arboreal ability enables them to catch unaware monkeys as well as carry their prey to safety in case of rising water levels.

13. In many ways Jaguars are the most complete of all cats. It is therefore sad that their numbers are shrinking in the wild owing to habitat fragmentation and conflicts with humans.


Uncle Che said...

Very informative article. As far as wild cats are concerned, I never gave much importance to Jaguar. For reasons I don't know, I always talk only about Lions, Tigers and Leopards. Today, I am surprised by how important and unique Jaguars are.

Adsensing said...

This is very interesting article. Although I am a Wildlife vet, some of the facts are really new to me. Please keep on post such things...

Gregorio said...

Above all the facts of which,they were very informative is that this is an absolutely beautiful creature.Just a pure testament to the true wonders of nature and her animal world.Very cool posting with great facts.

Gone, long gone. said...

The Jaguar is my favorite wild cat. The information here is interesting, thank you.

kennedy said...

jaguars are so intresting

Anonymous said...

Very good facts. keep adding to it. i love jaguars!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Amy said...

Very helpful. From now on, if I need to know something about a feline of any kind, I will come here. Thank you for the information!

Anonymous said...

The Jaguar has tremendous power both in its jaws and massive body. large prey are killed by the jaguars crushing bite to the skull of it's victim. It kills "smaller" prey (under 100 pounds) by breaking it's neck with a swipe from it's powerful front paws attached to heavily muscled limbs. Few mammals would be able to overcome it. Even fewer would dare challenge it.

Anonymous said...

jaguars have always been my favorite animal because they are very unigue cats but i never knew much about them. this helped quite a bit.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the information. They were quite helpful.

Anonymous said...

thanks so much looks like im getting a A+ on my project

Anonymous said...

this site is gold for facts i know where im coming to from now on ty

Anonymous said...

hi thanks the site help me get 10 facts about jaguar for homework

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the facts, it helped alot for my homework presintation!!!

Anonymous said...

can anyone tell me how fast jaguars run? how long does it take them to get to that speed? - this is for a school project. thank you. i need to compare it to an average Jaguar car and produce some numbers on speed time and distance.

Unknown said...

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they are so cute

angeline said...

they so cute and so sweet and fun at the zoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!they are number 1!!!!!

angeline said...

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littleb tiger11 said...

what is scientific name for the jaguar?

snowforest said...

Panthera Onca

Anonymous said...

this website is awesome

Anonymous said...

ye thx for the facts dident relly need any of em cuz i gone to other websites but heres one . did u know that a jag wags its tail over the water to atract a fish

Anonymous said...

these facts suck. they dont tell anything for my project....update them will ya?

Anonymous said...

thanks it helped me so little !!! XD

Anonymous said...

i love jaguars the best than anything

Anonymous said...

i <3 there cuteness!!!

Anonymous said...

how fast do they run?

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

shot bro lots of facts to ctrl+c and ctrl+v in to my homework :P

Anonymous said...

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mr. lindskog said...

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Ah you guys helped so much thanks!

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Yayyyyyy!!!! This is very informative and helped a lot with my project on wild cats.

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