Friday, July 4, 2008

German Rex

German Rex is another curly haired breed of Rex cats. It is perhaps the oldest of the Rex felids and is rumored to have existed in Germany during the first half of twentieth century. Perhaps the earliest German Rex was a tom cat that lived during nineteen thirties. He is believed to have transferred the curly hair genes to numerous offsprings. It was in the late forties that distinct Rex cats with their characteristic fur were noticed. Formal breeding followed some years later. All of this was before the first Cornish Rex kittens were seen. Even as the cat has been bred for the past few decades, it is still relatively rare and not universally recognized. Many registration bodies group them with Cornish or Devon cats rather than granting them the status of an individual breed.

German Rex are stockier than their sister breeds. They have a round head with prominent cheek bones. Eyes are big and shiny and go along with the coat color. Ears are large and widely spaced. Nose has a slight break. Chin is well developed and whiskers are short and curly. Fur is short and lacks guard hair. It is wavy in character and very soft and smooth in texture. Nearly all colors and patterns are generally accepted. Tail is long and tapering.

Heavier than the Cornish cats, German Rex bear a close resemblance to European Shorthairs when it comes to physique. Their whiskers also curl less than those of the Cornish Rex, at times even being nearly straight. Even as their mutation lies on the same gene, the two cats are distinct in their appearance.

German Rex are very lively and active cats. They are quite athletic and are capable of surprising feats of agility and speed. Friendly and tolerant by nature, they go along well with everybody in the family and accommodate new pets well. Playful animals, they are a constant source of joy in their household. Their silky fur is easy to groom. German Rex cats are known to be quite patient and affectionate towards their humans. For their friendly nature, these rare treasures are loved by their owners everywhere.


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The German Rex looks a lot like the Selkirk Rex. Round face and curly coats. The personality is just like my Selkirk Rexes. Love them!

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