Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Wild Cats

All Wild Cats today are believed to have originated from wild felines in Africa and Middle East millions of years ago. Felis Silvestris is thus the ancestor of all of them. There are thirty six species of wild cats in existence today. Most of them are facing threats of one kind or another in their natural habitat and require our urgent love and protection. Following are the extant wild cats and their prominent subspecies, arranged in alphabetical order, the names linked to their individual profile pages. It is hoped that any knowledge gained about them will one day enable you to raise voice about their plight in the wild.

Wild Cat

African Golden Cat

African Lion

African Wild Cat

Amur Leopard

Andean Mountain Cat

Asian Golden Cat

Asian Wild Cat

Asiatic Cheetah

Asiatic Lion

Bay Cat

Bengal Tiger

Black-footed Cat


Bornean Clouded Leopard

Canadian Lynx



Chinese Mountain Cat

Clouded Leopard


Eurasian Lynx

European Wild Cat

Fishing Cat

Flat Headed Cat

Geoffrey's Cat

Iberian Lynx

Indochinese Tiger

Iriomote Cat



Jungle Cat



Leopard Cat



Malayan Tiger

Marbled Cat



Pallas Cat

Pampas Cat

Persian Leopard

Rusty Spotted Cat

Sand Cat


Siberian Tiger

Snow Leopard

South China Tiger

Sumatran Tiger


Tiger Cat


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