Monday, June 16, 2008


Ragamuffin is a relatively recent cat breed that shares much of its beauty and pleasant attributes with its parent line, the Ragdoll. It originated through periodic breeding of Ragdolls with Himalayans and Persians. A large cat, the Ragamuffin weighs in the range of ten to twenty pounds, with males typically being heavier than females. It is a somewhat rare and expensive breed at the moment. This is largely owing to its relatively recent recognition and development, not to mention the sublime beauty and appeal of this felid. Like the Ragdoll, Ragamuffin is one of the most sought after domestic cats.

Like other large cats, Ragamuffins take time to develop, reaching full size by around four years of age. Thy have a rectangular profile with strong chest and shoulders. Heavily boned and well muscled, they often have a fatty pad on abdomen though they are not obese. Fur is long and silky with a prominent neck ruff and plush tapering tail. A broad variety of coat colors and patterns exists. Eyes are large and expressive. There is a nose dip and whisker pad is puffy, adding to the cat's sweet facial expression.

Despite similarities, certain differences do exist between Ragamuffins and Ragdolls. The former have a rounder skull with a slightly fuller face and tilted ears. Eyes are walnut shaped in contrast to the oval eyes of Ragdolls. Also Ragamuffins are allowed to breed outside their stock every fifth generation to prevent continuous inbreeding and maintain genetic variety.

Ragamuffins are docile and gentle cats. They are non-aggressive and should not be allowed outdoors unsupervised. Still they are active and quite fond of playing with their toys and fetching them and climbing scratch posts. They show a very affectionate attitude towards people and lovingly follow them around the house. Ragamuffins are not demanding and do not require daily grooming. Their rabbit like fur does not matt easily and they have no particular health problems in their lines. With time more and more people are growing fond of these adorable cats owing to their exquisite beauty and charm.


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