Saturday, June 14, 2008

Maine Coon

Maine CoonMaine Coon is amongst the largest breeds of domestic cat. It is also one of the most intelligent and pretty feline breeds. As the name implies, the cat originated from the state of Maine in United States where it is officially recognized as the State Cat. It is a native of that place and has been widespread in many parts there for more than a century now. Some believe it evolved from mating of imported longhairs and native shorthaired felines of Maine. In any case, the cat existed and survived in that natural habitat long before it was formally bred.

Also known as Maine Cat or Coon Cat, this felid's hallmark features are its big size and distinctive coat. Adult may reach over twenty pounds in weight and be as much as a meter in length, with males being the larger of the two genders. Coat is long and exists in two layers. In many ways, the physical makeup of this animal is in adaptation to its life in the wild in the harsh climate of its native land. The thick coat protects it from the severe winter and large body enables it to retain heat better. Other features including big bright eyes and long tufted ears are also survival mechanisms. Paws have fur between pads, enabling the cat to tread with ease on snow. The long bushy tail shields the cat's face against cold as it curls up to rest and nap.

Maine Coon
Maine Coons are healthy cats overall though they do have occasional genetic defects as many other cats do. Some have the relatively harmless extra toes, polydactyly, while others have the somewhat sinister hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. Both of these, however, are relatively infrequent occurrences.

Maine CoonBright and playful, Maine Coons are quite popular as pets. They are adoring yet not overly demanding and are quite capable of grooming and managing themselves. They are easy to train and their flamboyant nature means that they are much adored everywhere. Maine Coons are quite fond of water and are often seen feeding themselves with their paws. Like dogs they don't mind being taken for a walk on a leash, frequently playing fetch with their owners. Independent and loving, Maine Coons for their many remarkable attributes are one of the best pets and companions amongst cats today.

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Quinn said...

Are short-hair Main Coons smaller than the normal version? and if not... where can I find a short-haired Main Coon in Ontario?
(Well, not short hair but more of a medium length))

Ailurophile said...

Purebred Maine Coons are not seen in short hair. Some breeders do indeed breed medium length Maine Coon cats, that usually don't have a significant size difference in comparison with the longhair felines.

You can find breeders of Maine Coons in Ontario here:

Anonymous said...

is the Maine Coon cat also known as a tabby, because i am searching Maine Coons and i keep getting tabby cats

Anonymous said...

beutiful cats
is must beutiful cats

Anonymous said...

I want one off them.. *-*
I love maine coon. they're so cute.

Anonymous said...

"Tabby" is a color. Maine Coons come in all colors except Russian Blue and Siamese. Tabby seems to be most popular coat pattern due to the "wild look" people prefer in large cats.

Anonymous said...

Sooo I have fallen in love with these cats, they are beautiful!

Jakson said...

My Maine Coon died today from FIP:( I miss him

Anonymous said...

We lost 2 gorgeous Maine Coons to HCM our boy had just turned 7 and our girl was just 6. Why oh why don't the breeders breed this defect out of the breed. Maybe cat shows should mark down entries where HCM is know to be in the blood line. HCM is quite insidious one minute your cat is fine next minute it's dead! We miss our 2 every day they we the best.

Anonymous said...

I have a maine coon and picked him up at an spca in scarolina in 2006, he was about 2 1/2 at the time, still kickin with no probs. He is a good cat. Playful at times but very antisocial. Must have been abused before us. He is white with brown patches and some have stripes.

Medussagirl said...

I lost today my beloved main coon cat of 6 years, today he died in so horrendous pain. I am still grieving his suddently death. My boy friend , my teen daughter and me, we cried and we will miss flow forevever. RIP "mi rey" .

Anonymous said...

I fully promote adopting animals from the pounds or rescuing strays, but if you want a big, beautiful, and loving cat and set on getting a pure breed...get a Maine Coon. I have have had my big "baby" boy for 11 years now and have loved every moment of it. One of the best rescue cats I have ever had. I would definately get another Maine Coon in the future.

Anonymous said...

I have been told that my cat is a medium haired, tortoise colored "feline mut", but she looks like a maine coon. She is a rescue cat that I adopted 4 years ago from a "free run" pet shop (the animals, mostly cats, weren't caged.) She is at least 8 years old and was diagnosed with feline diabetes a week ago. She's a cute, affectionate furball, who loves to be brushed. I'm hoping she goes into remission, which is possible with a good diet, insulin treatment, and not having had diabetes for long (less than a year).

Anonymous said...

My post a few years ago about losing our Maine Coon Boy and his half sister within a year was a heart breaking experience, we both missed them so much. Our boy Purrzzaway Sam Peckinpaw (Merlin) was a great mate. At exactly 5:30pm till 6:30pm was his time on my knee just before his dinner. If I wasn't in the recliner he would come and find me then tell me it was his time with me and I wasn't in the right spot so had to go and sit in the recliner for him he was so insistant. Every night at bedtime he used to jump up on the vanity and watch me clean my teeth and wash my face before getting into bed where he used to lay at the foot of the bed and you daren't move your feet he loved chewing toes through the bed covers. I miss the endless games of fetch with him he loved it. I miss how he lovingly gazed up at me so blatant others used to comment about it. Our girl "Isabella" was a gorgeous girl a thick long coat a real furball with a gorgeous quirky look. She was so food motivated first in line to be fed vacuumed her food then wouldn't miss an opportunity to finish anything the other 2 had left. We still have Merlin's sister Purrzzaway Drama Queen (Suki) she's our old girl 12yo now a bit stiff in the back legs but still full of love.You could have 12 of her and think you only had one she is a real joy to still have around.

A couple of years ago we were asked would we like 2 Maine Coon Kittens after some consideration that we both had enough time left to see them to the end of their days, we took into our home a brother and sister Arabella and "Ike" (Eisenhower) he gets his full title when he's naughty. Arabella is an all grey tabby and Ike is an all red tabby a light ginger in colour just like his namesake was when he had hair lol.

We all know that cats own us but with Maine Coons it is such a joy to be their slaves and we spoil ours rotten. It is scant reward for the joy they bring us every single day they are with us.

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