Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Feline Links

Here are some cat-related websites that you might find useful.

Asiatic Lions Information Centre and status blog - The most definitive resources on the web for up-to-date information and conservation issues surrounding the last lions of Asia.

Bill Dow Photography - Stunning pictures of the wild cats at Shambala Preserve in California.

Blue Bayou Feline Photography - Remarkable photos of domestic cat breeds.

Cat, Cats, Feline Paradise! - Discover all you could ever want to know about cats, get lots of free cat stuff, and interact with cat owners from around the world in our informative cat forums at!

Cat Chat - A wonderful cat information portal and rescue service that helps cats all across the UK.

Duchess - A very cute kitty with her own blog.

Give Back America Blog - A blog by the founders of the wonderful charity Give Back America.

Global Cats and Global Cats blog - Two wonderful resources about all things feline from around the globe.

Method - All the best science blog posts from around the web.

Moggies - A comprehensive online cat guide about felines, with lots of info on their health and well-being.

Pet Portraits - Remarkable pet portraits drawn in pencil by the artist Julie Rhodes.

Pictures of Cats - The best pictures and facts - about cats and for cats.

PurrPrints - A beautiful blog about cats and art.

Shambala Preserve - Supported by Roar Foundation, the Shambala Preserve in Acton, California works tirelessly for the welfare of many wild cats.

The Wildcat Sanctuary - A no-kill n0n-profit rescue that cares for many abandoned and neglected animals in Minnesota.

Touring Junagadh, home of Asiatic Lions - A blog about tourism of Junagadh, the home of Asiatic Lions in India.

UK Animal Rescuers - A directory of animal rescue websites of UK, regularly updated.

Wildlife Drawings - Very artistic wildlife drawings by Julie Rhodes.
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PurrPrints said...

I'd be delighted to link to your lovely site, especially since my blog is also cat related--I'll go add yours to my blog link list now--and I'd be delighted for you to add mine

Nimit DJ said...

Hello there,

I've got a blog, not directly of cats, but yeah its about the place of one of the most precious cats - asiatic lions, and the blog is about tourism of their home - Junagadh.

Pl feel free to add (& visit):

thanks & wishes,
keep sharing...!!

Tee Stark said...

Thank you, purrry much, cats... meorrrrrwwwwww... added :)

MillieMiau said...


I love you site and would love a link back to mine if possible. Miaustore is a small start up company providing cat products and interesting blog posts.

The link is here

Kind regards

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