Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Egyptian Mau

Egyptian MauThe fastest of all domestic felines, Egyptian Mau is an ancient short haired breed of cats. It traces its origin to the oldest of all cats, the African Wild Cat. The cat is believed to have resided for millennia in Egypt where it was the object of worship, 'Mau' being the Egyptian term for 'cat'. It was adored, protected and buried alongside Pharaohs in their tombs as mummies. Over the years, the cat continued to be cherished in its native lands as an object of fancy as well as a remarkable hunter. Even today farmers keep crossbreeds from Egyptian Maus as pets to keep their fields safe from rodents. The modern recognition of this elegant feline came in the nineteen fifties when a pair was brought over to United States. They were given championship status in the seventies.

A sturdy yet finely built cat, the Egyptian Mau is a medium sized animal. It has a well muscled and graceful presence. Hind legs are longer than the front, enabling the cat to reach speeds of up to fifty kilometers an hour. Mau is the only naturally occurring domestic cat that is spotted. The spots run underneath the fur to the cat's actual skin. They are present on the whole body, with the legs and tail being striped. Recognized coat colors are bronze, silver and smoke. Eyes are in shades of dazzling green.

Egyptian Mau
Egyptian Maus are healthy and active felines and don't suffer from any recurring hereditary medical conditions. Owing to their love for the outdoors and excellent hunting skills, many owners are tempted to let them outside. Though the cats are surprisingly adept at avoiding any accidents and mishaps, it's still not a good idea to leave these rare treasures outdoors unsupervised.

Egyptian MausAthletic and playful, the Maus are always alert. They are very protective of their 'territory' and are quite prepared to defend it against any intruders. They don't accept other cats and pets well and fare best in a single animal household. From the beginning, they develop a close affiliation with their humans and maintain a very loyal relationship with them throughout their lives. They are not fond of strangers though and prefer a settled environment, taking time to adapt. Egyptian Maus have a very lovely voice which they use to communicate with their owners. They are intelligent and responsive to their humans' moods and flourish if endowed with the appropriate attention and care. For their beauty, fidelity and vigor, the splendid Egyptian Maus are amongst the finest of all cat breeds.

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Anonymous said...

Who knew that such a little cat could be so fast!!! It's sooooooooo cute I want one!!!!!! Hey if you want to see a cool cat look at the Lynx I'm studying it I found it veeeeery interesting look at it NOW!!! Hmmmmm I wonder is the California spangled cat really from California is a German rex really from Germany is a European shorthair really from Europe these are all good questions. Did you know that the Maine coon is the Maine state cat? I studied Maine it is such a cool state when I grow up I want to visit Maine!!! I know I haven't wrote very much but I'm afraid I have to go. P.S. I am a strait A student in third grade.

Anonymous said...

yuo are so stuopid you donet get letter grades in the thrd grade so you can't be a strait A student

El cuervo said...

I own one of these magnificent animals. It came to our home as a stray five years ago and it has the most personality of ANY cat I have owned; I've owned SEVERAL!

Anonymous said...

I picked up my Egyptian Mau, Macoco, a couple of years ago from an Arizona ranch. The first day we returned home, he got loose before even entering the house, and ran off, despite a rainstorm.

I contacted the Humaine Society and distributed flyers, to no avail. Fortunately, Macoco remembered where he was supposed to live, and came home on his own a few days later.

He loves to hunt, and apparently found no problem sustaining himself.

After two years, he is a warm, almost dog-like friend, deeply devoted to me. Fortunately, I have a 6' fenced back yard, which Macoco easily leaps over. I take him out in the gardens for little insect foraging sessions by following along nearby. After about 20 minutes, he starts looking over the fence which means I have to take him back in. Macoco doesn't run away from me, even if he does jump the fence. He always lets me pick him up, but it is his nature to live wild and free. I feel the same way, but we can't always get what we want!

Horsemouth said...

I luckily got my Egyptian Mau as a rescue. He was 4 months old and was from a busted (Florida)kitten mill. He had a upper resp. infection and an injury on his right side. 5 weeks later, his injury is healed and he only sneezes rarely now. : ) His name is Fudge. Fudge is an incredible cat and a new family member. So smart, FAST and beautiful. I wouldn't trade him for anything. If you find a cat that is even part Mau get it, they are amazing animals!

Horsemouth said...

I forgot to mention as the previous person said Egyptian Mau's Are very doglike in their loyalty connection. Fudge follows me like a dog, No matter where I am Fudge is there supervising. Even now as I type he is trying to get on the keyboard. : ) bvbvbvbvbvbv kkkkkkkkkkkkm (that really was Fudge! LOL)

Teresa Halminton said...

She looks more adorable than I expected :D
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