Friday, June 13, 2008


Chantilly/Tiffany is a beautiful semi-longhaired cat of American origin. It goes either by the name of Chantilly or Tiffany and was first discovered in the late 1960's by a breeder in New York. The breed was not immediately recognized and it was only after these cats were found to be occurring naturally in Canada, that Chantilly or Tiffany cats were formally recognized as a breed.

Physical make-up of the Chantilly/Tiffany resembles that of a semi-foreign feline. Body is medium in size, length and musculoskeletal structure. Weight is in the range of six to ten pounds, with males being slightly larger than females. Coat is silky and lustrous with chocolate being the predominant color. Other colors also occur and include blue, cinnamon, fawn and lilac. Lack of an undercoat means there is very little shedding. A prominent neck ruff and plumed tail adds to the cat's beauty. Face has a prominent bony structure, with bright and slightly oval eyes and broad based ears.

A unique feature of Chantilly or Tiffany cats is that they are slow in growth and maturation. They are fully developed by age two in contrast to most other breeds who mature at half that age. Mothers take long in labor and subsequently in weaning, with the young cats developing their full coat by twenty four months. As a result, often regular breeders make Chantilly/Tiffany kittens available for adoption not before fourteen weeks of age.

Chantilly/Tiffany cats are ideally medium in their personality and attitude. They are playful though not quite demanding. Their single layered coat does not develop matts, though their somewhat tufted ears require periodic swabbing for wax. Overall, these adorable felines are quite healthy and loving animals. They are peaceful and go along well with other pets and family members, though they usually distance themselves from strangers. Since an early age they develop an affectionate relationship with one individual who they perceive to be their main caretaker. They will follow that person around everywhere, establishing and maintaining a lifelong companionship of endearment.


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