Thursday, June 19, 2008

Brazilian Shorthair

Brazilian Shorthair is a medium sized breed of shorthaired cats. It is said to have originated in Brazil centuries ago when Europeans brought over their cats from overseas. Their breeding with native cats led to the current development of the natural cat of Brazil. The cat is still in relatively initial stages as an official domestic feline breed and is still not formally recognized by many registration bodies of cat fancies. In fact its discovery began as recently as the mid nineteen eighties when officials of Brazilian Cat Federation realized the need for a native cat of Brazil. They began comparing and surveying alley cats across the country and found that they were remarkably similar in their appearance and traits. Thereafter the preservation and maintenance of purebred Brazilian Shorthairs was started in earnest.

Mid-sized felines, Brazilian Shorthairs have a strong physical built. Their body is slender in comparison to shorthair cats of Europe and North America. Head is somewhat long with almond shaped slightly oblique eyes and medium sized ears that are rounded at the tip. Fur is short and close-lying to the body. A variety of colors and patterns are documented. Legs are well muscled. Tail is medium in length and tapering at its end.

The most significant threat facing the Brazilian Shorthair cats is pollution of their genetic pool. There is widespread crossbreeding and purebred felids are quite rare. Even though authorities in Brazil have encouraged people to come forward with cats that are closest to the true genome of the breed, there remains a shortage in number of purebred Brazilian Shorthairs. As a result few dedicated breeding programs exist for these pretty cats at the moment.

Brazilian Shorthairs possess a very pleasant temperament. They are easy going and adoring cats that take no time in establishing affectionate bonds with their humans. They are good with kids and other pets and enjoy company of people. Brazilian Shorthairs are known for their ability to develop loving relationships with all members of the family, staying attached to people all the while. Intelligent animals, they are also a bit sensitive. If they are ignored, they reportedly suffer from a behavioral change and withdraw from their owners. Athletic and agile, these elegant felines are good hunters. On the whole, these cute cats are a great choice as a pet for inhabitants of South America.


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I love these cats! :)

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