Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Serval Distribution

Serval DistributionServal is seen in a number of countries in sub-Saharan Africa, across east, west and south of the continent. In most of the territories it is protected as a species, though habitat encroachment and hunting for pelt continues.

Serval is divided into a number of subspecies:

Leptailurus serval serval (Cape Province)

Leptailurus serval beirae (Mozambique)

Leptailurus serval brachyurus (West Africa, Sahel and Ethiopia)

Leptailurus serval constantinus (Algeria - endangered)

Leptailurus serval faradjius

Leptailurus serval ferrarii

Leptailurus serval hamiltoni
(eastern Transvaal)

Leptailurus serval hindei (Tanzania)

Leptailurus serval kempi (Uganda)

Leptailurus serval kivuensis

Leptailurus serval lipostictus (northern Angola)

Leptailurus serval lonnbergi (southern Angola)

Leptailurus serval mababiensis
(northern Botswana)

Leptailurus serval pantastictus

Leptailurus serval phillipsi

Leptailurus serval pococki

Leptailurus serval robertsi (western Transvaal)

Leptailurus serval togoensis (Togo and Benin)


zevo hussein calamari said...

thank you for all the research you put into your posting...

Kaze, Latte, & Chase said...

That is quite an interesting study, they live lots of different places. I have kitty friends who live in South Africa but they are just other meezers and other breeds of house cats.


Mr. Hendrix said...

guess what! guess what! guess what! where we live in Cincinanti Ohio, our zoo has a special event called "Zoo Babies" every year and mommy and daddy go see all the new arrivals. This year they saw Jambo & Cleo, 2 new baby Serval kittens! They didn't get a good picture because the kitties were behind glass in the nursery, but they are just darling. Here are some links to our zoo and to a picture of BOTH the kittens.


You do such a great job with your research. We can't always leave comments because mommy doesn't want to get in trouble at work, but we visit often. Thanks for visiting me too.

Around Your Wrist said...

hi uncle omer...
the baby is here! come see the new pictures.

do you know anything about the savannah cat? it's a cross of domestic and serval.

love (and extra fuzzes)

the baby who is only semi-named

Phoebe said...

Wow, Omer! I really never knew that there were so many big cats in the world. I am amazed that you keep having new cats to show us. What a proud heritage we have! Roar-meow.

Hearty congratulations on your baby kittens. They are very cute.

Anonymous said...

Am looking for a photo of the Serval sub-species Leptailurus Serval Brachyurus. Do you know of any in existance?

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