Sunday, July 29, 2007

Leopard Cat Distribution

Leopard Cat DistributionThe most widely seen of all Asiatic wild cats, the Leopard Cat is seen in virtually all the countries of Southeast Asia, ranging from India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Thailand and Borneo to Sumatra and Java. Its wide distribution means a number of distinct subspecies have evolved in different regions -

Prionailurus Bengalensis Alleni

Prionailurus Bengalensis Bengalensis (India, Bangladesh, Southeast Asian mainland, Yunnan)

Prionailurus Bengalensis Borneoensis (Borneo)

Prionailurus Bengalensis Chinensis (China, Taiwan, Philippines)

Prionailurus Bengalensis Euptailurus (eastern Siberia, Mongolia, Manchuria)

Prionailurus Bengalensis Heaneyi

Prionailurus Bengalensis Horsfieldi (Himalaya)

Prionailurus Bengalensis Javanensis (Java)

Prionailurus Bengalensis Rabori

Prionailurus Bengalensis Sumatranus (Sumatra)

Prionailurus Bengalensis Trevelyani (eastern Pakistan)


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