Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Incredible News!!!

As some of you may know, I am in favor of sterilization of cats, primarily owing to the health benefits. However, where I live the veterinary clinics that offer neutering/spaying of cats are numbered ~ at least there is none in my vicinity. So naturally Snow and Forest are not sterilized.
I was aware that they were therefore up to something! However, I hadn't realized that Forest was pregnant until a few weeks ago when I could establish this underneath her long hair. During the past few weeks Forest had curtailed her playfulness to some extent and looked particularly reserved yesterday.

Last night I could even feel the presence of babies in her belly. At around midnight today, she was sitting inside her house and Snow was guarding the door. All of a sudden she gave a sudden growl unlike any I've heard before ~ next she came out of the cat house like a bolt of lightning, with a streak of blood and a little object coming along with her. For no apparent reason, she pawed Snow, picked the little object - that to my amazement was a kitten - and thundered towards the compartment in the side table. The kittens then followed during the next hour - with a total of five kittens being born!!! Forest cleaned them all up and groomed them whilst cleaning herself of the blood.

Fortunately all the kittens are healthy and are doing great! Forest is feeding them while Snow watches from a safe distance. They are just a few hours old now but are already crawling about and making small meows! I am so happy that it is hard to describe ~~~ !!!

I am watching them intently now though I am not exactly sure what I am supposed to do. Despite all my knowledge about big cats, I find myself lacking information about dealing with this particular situation ~ like how long until the kittens are weaned etc. I've set the room temperature at 27 Celsius - I think it will be comfortable. What else to do - I'm not sure ~ any ideas from you smart kitties are greatly appreciated.

I'll try to take a break from work, though I am not sure if I will get a leave since I'm the only doctor during my shift in my unit, but I will try to have my duty hours reduced to five or six per day, at least during the next couple of weeks. Mom and Dad are already saying we can't keep all five of the kittens since we are moving in a while - in fact Mom is already planning to give them to her friends! - but we have agreed to defer this decision until at least the kittens are six months old - I don't know I may have to delay my trip to the States now for a while - these are incredible times!

Sorry I totally forgot - the answer to Saturday's quiz was Tanzania - the winners are Daisy, Ben, Marilyn Monreow, Miss Peach, Yao-Lin, Ali & Fiona and The Zoo Crew. Thanx Jeter and Karen Jo for participating. The maneless lions responsible for man-eating in Kenya belonged to Tsavo region during the close of nineteenth century. They are featured in the movie The Ghost and The Darkness, as indicated by The Zoo Crew, one of my favorite movies also. I may not be able to post new quizzes for a while, though I will try to post some articles and visit other blogs ~ love to all ~ please pray for the new family of Snow and Forest and suggest some names... :)


Parker said...

You have babies! I hope they all get great homes and that everyone is healthy!

Ali & Fiona said...

Wow this is big news, they all look like Snow! Congrats! We hope you get to keep at least on of the kittens.

Memories of Eric and Flynn said...

Awww kyoot baby kitties. Hope they all get wunnerfull furrefurr homes.

Daisy said...

What an exciting surprise for you! The babies are very very cute. I do not know a lot about newborn baby kittens, but I know the Mommie cat does pretty much everything for the little babies at first (they don't even need a litterbox!) Since the babies are demanding so much nutrition from the Mommie, Forest will need lots of really good food. At the cat shelter, they usually give the nursing Mommie cats kitten food because of the extra calories.

Around Your Wrist said...

hi uncle omer! how very exciting! babies in the house change everything.

usually babies are weaned by about 12 weeks. 3-4 months is frequently the age when they can go to new homes.

while they're newborn, it's probably not a good idea to handle them much. forest needs to keep her own scent on them.

after a couple of weeks though, start to play with them. they need to be socialized. that will make them successful fur children for other people.

if snow feels he's not getting enough attention, he can be dangerous to the babies. be sure to love on him some.

name suggestions:

if i think of more, i'll send them to you!

ben fuzz

Catzee said...

Well, I don't know nuffin' bout kittens cuz I hadded my ladygardenectomy a long time ago. They sure are wiggly!

Karen Jo said...

Aw, cute little baby kittens. Daisy is right. Forest will take care of all the kittens' needs until they are a bit older. Most Mom cats also teach their kittens how to use the litterbox when they are old enough. Do make sure that Forest gets lots to eat and that Snow gets lots of attention, too.

Anonymous said...

Awwwww, *happy sniff*, the babies are just so beautiful. They make me feel all mushy *smile*. And Forest is such a beautiful momkitty!

Daisy and Ben gave you very good advice -- Forest Momkitty has things well in hand. Be sure she has top-notch nutrition while she is nursing, and give Daddy Snow lots of cuddles, too.

Purrs and snuggles to you and your precious kitty family,


HRH Yao-Lin said...

oh wow they are sooo cute. Sooo cute. Yes, very very edible! Good luck with bringing them up. If you are keeping them for six or seven months then it is going to be really really hard to say goodbye. I think you will end up keeping them he he

name suggestion, in keeping with the snow and forest theme:


congratulations xx

MISS PEACH ~(^.^)~ said...

Omer your a daddy, kinda anyway! ConCATulations on this event. Forest and snow are proud parents! The babies look so sweet. Efurrry cat has given you good advice on this by now. I would not wait for 6 months before you find them homes, by then you will love them toooo much to part with them. 10 weeks is a very good age for them to go to their new homes.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY new babies!
Jasper (for the boy kitty)

Toffee K. Ripple Fuzzypants & Feline American Angels said...


Zoey and the furballs said...

Oh my goodness! How exciting! Thank you for sharing the footage. They are all so adorable!

You've already gotten great advice about what to do so I don't really have anything to add. I would say that you should expose them to normal household noise and such as they get older so that they are used to noises. Cha-Ching wasn't exposed to a lot of that and even normal sounds like the TV and clothes dryer seem to scare him sometimes.

michico*Adan*Lego-小芥*阿丹*樂高 said...

Those baby are so cute~!
So heart warm~!!!

feralone said...

Go ahead and handle the kittens just a bit at a time, if mom lets you. They need to understand human touch and if the queen isn't growling at you or stiffening up when you pick up the kittens, it should be fine. For sure be handling them at the crucial point 2 weeks old in order to help them become well-socialized kitties. But be careful because the queen can be very protective and with strays and ferals, they can strike quickly before you know it. Start with stroking each kitten with one finger while they are feeding, don't lift them up immediately. Keep traffic out of the room as much as possible, and keep other cats away from the family as well. You can even get mom spayed, her milk will drop in 24 hours after her surgery. But don't let her outside no matter what, she will get pregnant again.

Our website is featuring a contest for cat bloggers. The toys offered would be good for the kittens as they grow. You can read about it on www.felinexpress.com

feralone said...

I forgot to add if you do decide to get her spayed now, you will have to supplement the kittens with bottle feeding every two hours. This will also help with the socialization process and once mom is back to normal, you can return the kittens to her for her to nurse. You said you believe in spay and neuter, so I am just letting you know, you do have options even at this point.

Kate (Pablo's mum) said...

Ohhh... they are so beautiful! New life is such a joy. Congratulations!


5 babies!!! oh my how wonderful! You'll be buzy for quite some time.



Rosemary B❤️ said...

Congratulations Omer!
What a wonderful experience! New life is always awesome and incredible to experience! Forest will do just fine, she is in a happy healthy home with superb staff and attendants to assist with her requirements :-)


We hope you do get your hours reduced to spend more time at home!

Mr. Hendrix said...

You've gotten great advice here. Mommy has heard that kitten food is important for new mommy kitties too. We'll have to think about names...

They are so cute and fuzzy. We do hope a nice sterilizing place moves close so you don't have dozens of kittens. Ack! you'd have to watch your ankles closely ha ha ha.

Enjoy the little darlings. They are so sweet.

zevo hussein calamari said...

congrats! wow... that is so precious.
hope you find a way to pull off working and taking care of the kids.

caspersmom said...

Oh such sweet kittens. Seems like they are having a hard time finding the source of their food right now with all the fur Forest has. Forest you had beautiful babies. They look like they might have your coloring. I do think Momma and babies will do well on their own. A long time ago when spaying and neutering wasn't big on getting done I had a Momma kitty that had quite a few litters in our bathroom in a big box. I let our children see one litter being born and the rest of the time I was in there with her and she took care of everything just fine. We used to call our front bathroom the labor room. One of our dogs had her pups in there too. Daisy is right about Momma getting good food.

Omer I found a brocure today about a place about 70 miles from where we live that is a wildlife foundation that is home to mostly big cats. I wasn't aware that it was there and I hope to go visit some day. They have a web site www.kirshner.org. I thought you might like to check it out.

MISS PEACH ~(^.^)~ said...

Oh that is VERY hot Omer! Do you have high humidity also...if so, yuck!
Hope you are having a gr8 time snuggleing up Forst and her babies. Be extra loving to Snow also at this time so he doesn't feel left out.
Take good care of yourself too....the kitties need you:)

Dragonheart, Merlin, Devi, and Chloe said...

Those little baby kittens are very cute. No advice on kittens, as we've never had any. I hope you can find all the kittens wonderful Forever Homes, and you can eventually find someplace where you can get Snow and Forest neutered and spayed - otherwise you'll end up with a lot of kittens!

The Crew said...

Sorry, I'm a little late in visiting.

I grew up with cats and litters and must respectfully disagree with Benj. Fuzz. Domestic cats can be started on kitten food as their teeth come in at about 4-5 weeks. A feral mother would begin bringing her young "kills" at about that age and the kittens will be gradually weaned from her milk by 8 weeks. If allowed to stay with their mother, they're continue to nurse as long as she lets them, but can manage just fine on soft food or crunchy food mixed with milk. Socializing the kittens is very easy since just handling them (as the mother allows) will accomplish that. Too much handling however, may prompt the mother to move them to a more private place, so see what she'll allow. Kittens can be taken from the mother at 8 - 12 weeks and will thrive in a good home, however should see a vet and be given their initial kitten shots before tht.

The Cat Realm said...

Congratulations, this film was wonderful to watch, little kittens!
I don´t know much about raising kittens but Benjamin and Daisy seem to have some good advice.

Lux said...

How precious! Those two back at Forest's tail seem a little confused! :)

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