Thursday, July 19, 2007

Caracal Distribution

Caracal DistributionCaracal is classified into a number of subspecies, based upon its range in the wild. Its distribution in Africa is somewhat similar to that of the Serval, though Caracal is also found in western Asia, unlike Serval.

Caracal Caracal Caracal (East, Central and South Africa)

Caracal Caracal Algira (North Africa)

Caracal Caracal Damarensis (Namibia)

Caracal Caracal Limpopoensis (Botswana)

Caracal Caracal Lucani (Gabon)

Caracal Caracal Michaelis (Turkmenistan - endangered)

Caracal Caracal Nubica (Ethiopia, Sudan)

Caracal Caracal Poecilotis (West Africa)

Caracal Caracal Schmitzi (Israel, West Asia, Iran, Arabia, Pakistan, India)


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