Sunday, May 13, 2007

Wild Cat

Wild cat
Ok so let's move on to the 'Wild cat', Felis Silvestris, with its several sub-species, the ancestor of our domestic cat. Despite its small size and timid nature (avoids contact with humans and their settlements), wild cat is a wonderful hunter. A solitary predator, it is very adaptable to differing environments and relies chiefly on birds and small mammals for prey. Found in Africa, Europe, Asia and The Americas, examples of wild cats include African and Asiatic Desert and Golden Cats, Bay Cat, Black-footed Cat, Bob Cat, Caracal, European Wild Cat, Fishing Cat, Flat-headed Cat, Jungle Cat, Sand Cat, Tiger Cat, Serval, Rusty-spotted Cat, Pampas Cat, Ocelot, Marbled Cat, Mountain Cat, Manul, Margay, Kodkod, Jaguarundi, Iriomote Cat, Geoffrey's Cat and Chinese Desert Cat.
For me the wild cat is most adorable and respectable among all cats, since without domestication and protection by humans, the wild cat has been able to survive and create a niche for itself in ecosystems around the globe despite its small size, alongside bigger and more dangerous predators.
Since they are so hard to get hold of, I've been unable to acquire a picture of wild cat yet, so for the moment this pic of a European Wild Cat from Wikipedia will have to do.


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Wild cats are of course beautiful creatures but they're still dangerous.

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