Monday, May 21, 2007

Jaguar Distribution

Jaguar Distribution
Just a map from Wikipedia showing Jaguar's current and historic geographical range.


Chen & Ollie said...

Thanks for visiting our blog. All these facts about big cats are very interesting (though a little scary!)
Mr. Chen & Ollie

zevo calamari said...

Cool stuff.... we could learn so much from your blog.

My pet human has to work today but will list your blog on the zevo calamari blog roll soon.


Faz the Cat said...

I think I might stay away from those areas. FAZ

caspersmom said...

Thanks for visiting our blog too. You deal with the BIG kitties, with lots of good info. Love them too. You forgot the white tiger when you did the tigers. I think they are as beautiful as the bright orangy ones. I try to look like a tiger but Mom likes the Siamese side of me.


caricature said...

Thanx alot ppl for ur visits and comments and blogroll adds :). Keep visiting. Casper I didn't mention the white tiger since it's not a separate subspecies - just a genetic trait that renders albinism in normal tigers. It is a very beautiful animal though and I'll certainly post about it later along with some pretty interesting white tiger pics I got :)

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