Sunday, May 27, 2007

Cougar Distribution

Cougar Distribution
Felis Concolor, aka Puma Concolor - the Cougar - enjoys a huge geographical range in the Americas owing to its great adaptability to varying habitats and prey. It is currently divided into six subspecies owing to its regional distribution:

North American Cougar (Puma Concolor Couguar)

Argentine Puma (Puma Concolor Cabrerae)

Costa Rican Cougar (Puma Costaricensis)

Northern South American Cougar (Puma Concolor Concolor)

Eastern South American Cougar (Puma Concolor Anthonyi)

Southern South American Cougar (Puma Concolor Puma)

Even as significant research has been carried out on Cougar in North America, little is known about it in its South American range, apart from the observation the Cougar is lesser in size in the south owing to availability of smaller prey animals, the larger prey being consumed by the Jaguar there. The widespread occurrence does however ensure genetic biodiversity and bright future prospects for at least one great cat :)


Daisy said...

There are some Florida Panthers where I live. Well, not right where I live... in my same state.

Anonymous said...

You've got a very nice, informative blog! Keep up the good work *smile*.

i-like-to-laugh said...

Hey! Thanks for visiting our blog. We've linked from both of our blogs to you - from (our main one) and from our blogger one.

Great new site, keep up the great work!

Leo & Bambi

The Cat Realm said...

Very interesting! So nice to have a blog where we can learn about our big relatives. We live in the desert, with Bobcats! We don't like that, they eat us if they catch us! Any tips on how to scare them???
Come by and visit us sometime...
You are a human but as you have so much info about cats we put you on our Blogroll anyways...

snowforest said...

thanx for the support everybody. hopefully cats like u daisy can raise voice in support of the critically endangered florida panthers.

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