Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Cheetah Distribution

Cheetah Distribution
Cheetah was once found widely across all of Africa extending eastwards into Asia as far as India. However hunting, habitat destruction and loss of prey has meant that Cheetah is now only found in select countries in high density in Africa. Namibia has the world's highest wild Cheetah population. Organizations in South Africa are also active at boosting their Cheetah numbers. Asiatic Cheetah is critically endangered with roughly one hundred individual animals left, predominantly in Iran and to an extent in western Pakistan. Cheetah is extinct in India. Attempts by Indian wild life officials at reintroducing the Asiatic Cheetah in the wild by borrowing a Cheetah couple and/or cloning the Cheetah by obtaining their samples from Iran have met with a cold response from the regime. Of the current population, five subspecies of Cheetah exist, classified according to their range:

Acinonyx Jubatus Hecki - West Africa

Acinonyx Jubatus Jubatus - Southern Africa

Acinonyx Jubatus Raineyii - East Africa

Acinonyx Jubatus Soemmeringii - Central Asia

Acinonyx Jubatus Venaticus - Iran


Monica said...

Dear Mr. Caricature, You have a very interesting blog about all the different big cats of the world. I think that my sister, Phoebe, is related to a lion somewhere in her past.

I received your request for me to add you to our blogroll at the Pablo Fan Club. I just want to make sure that you understand that we are great admirers of Pablo the great of Tasmania. You will find the club pledge on our blog. You are our first human club member!

caricature said...

thanx monica. Pablo is indeed great. honored to be the first human club member!

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